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General/Oncologic Surgery

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Welcome to Advocare General & Oncologic Surgery

For over ten years Dr. Gross and his staff have offered Northwest New Jersey residents the best in compassionate and competent surgical care. We strive to offer an environment in which all questions and needs are satisfied. Dr. Gross performs a very broad array of surgeries and treats a large number of maladies. One very basic premise is part of our care and will never be compromised: If we treat you, it is because we are confident you will find no better care. A good surgeon needs to know his own limits and must treat each patient as if they were a family member.

What is a general surgeon?

One who practices the specialty of General Surgery. This specialty begins with abdominal surgeries. It most commonly includes gallbladder, bowel (small and large intestine), hernias, appendices, hemorrhoids/anal pathology, as well as disorders of the spleen/liver/pancreas. It also includes expertise in all aspects of laparoscopic surgery. Outside of the abdominal cavity, it includes any diseases of the breast, “lumps and bumps” most anywhere on the body, lacerations, trauma, and skin cancer or benign lesions. Wound care also falls commonly to the general surgeon. Also commonly included are diseases of the thyroid/parathyroid.

What is a surgical oncologist?

A general surgeon who has ideally completed a two-year fellowship following a general surgery residency in an SSO (Society of Surgical Oncology) approved fellowship program. This allows the surgeon to take care of the entire needs of a cancer patient. In learning the most advanced treatments for cancers of the GI tract, breast, skin and thyroid, there is no better trained surgeon. They are truly a “breast specialist.” They do as well, if not better, than any dermatologist in treating skin cancers. Lastly, they take what all general surgeons do within the abdominal cavity and take it to a higher level.